Therapeutic Massage:

During a massage session you are undressed to your comfort and under a sheet on the massage table. I use a base oil and various essential oils on your skin as I systematically undrape and massage different areas of your body. While I am working on your physical body, I simultaneously work with your subtle bodies by using techniques such as Reiki and BodyTalk. Sometimes I incorporate sound healing with singing bowls and a tuning fork to balance your body/mind frequencies. I also utilize the effectiveness of massage cups to assist in releasing tension and increasing circulation. Each session is completely unique and intuitively guided based on who you are within each moment. 

one hour:                        $65

 *package of three:       $175


90 minutes:                    $90

  *package of three:      $250


two hour:                         $115

Spring Special!!

 45 minutes:                     $45

Private Yoga Sessions:

Based on your needs this could be a one time meeting, a weekly/biweekly session or a monthly check in. My goal is to understand who you are and how I can best serve you in becoming more of who you want to be. Some examples could be getting clear about postural alignment, understanding and shifting your breath patterns, gaining awareness in your meditation practice, creating a more positive inner dialogue or finding practical ways to ease tension and anxiety. 

75 minutes:                      $65

   *package of three:       $175


   **weekly one hour 

      package of four:        $200

***Every session with me is therapeutic and is in complete alignment with the ethical practices of the Virginia Board of Nursing and the National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork.***

*all packages of three are for clients who want to come at least once per month and therefore expire three months from purchase date*
*gift certificates also expire three months from purchase date*
**weekly one hour yoga session packages  must be used within a month. No transfers.**