Healing from a distance:

Prior to our meeting, you will write down one or two specific things you would like to have as the focus of our session. When I work remotely I visualize the person laying down in front of me as though on a table. I tune in and allow guidance to take my hands where any imbalanced areas are and systematically work with re-orienting the body/mind to its optimum state of communication and balance. I utilize everything I have studied and worked with over the years (BodyTalk, Accunect, Facial Balancing, Reiki, specific breath techniques, sound frequencies as well as my personal light language frequency, affirmation work and any other intuitive way I’m directed to work), to connect with your Soul’s ideal and work toward removing any blocks keeping you from reaching that. As I move through the session, you will be aware and awake, taking notes (on the same sheet of paper/notebook the focus points are written) of key words as I speak them, along with any questions that come up to be addressed after. [The intention is that although the session is taking place at the time scheduled, that some if not all of it will actually enter your field at another very specific time (thee perfect moment) to be fully integrated into the body system. This is so that the conscious level of the mind can be disarmed with an understanding of what’s happening and therefore the sub-conscious level of the mind can be allowed to then take in and be shifted by the session.] After completing the “hand’s on” portion, we will discuss what came up and potentially how that might be linked to what the initial focus was, as well as feeling into any questions and getting curious about what answers arise through our conversation.

Aligning with Soul: 90 Day Process of Awakening

The best thing about being in the 90 day program is that I BELIEVE IN YOU!! I see you as already being in alignment with your Soul’s purpose and living the life you desire! I provide you with a system, support and accountability to get you there! Each week, preferably same day and time, we will start with a check in to see what’s been going well and how you did on any action steps we discussed in the previous week. I will do a balancing session and we will discuss what comes up. Based on that, I will give you some relevant information and talk about action steps for this week.

Healing with coaching:

When adding coaching to the distance sessions, we go more in depth and work toward reaching specific measurable goals over time. The first session begins just like the healing session: prior to meeting, you write down what you want to work on, we do a balancing and see what comes up, we go over the notes you took and questions you had. Then, based on that information along with your initial focus, we formulate what your long-term goals and Soul perspective vision look like. How you would like to show up in the world and who you are drawn to Being in your life. We then decide if we want to continue to work together weekly for 90 days or if another direction may be more beneficial for you. In either case, you have clarity about what your Soul truly desires to be in this world and a direction on the path toward embodying those desires.

45 minute session: $65

      package of three: $175

75 minute session with coaching: $90

      package of three: $250

One payment:  $900

Three monthly payments:  $350

Private Yoga Sessions:

Based on your needs this could be a one time meeting, a weekly/biweekly session or a monthly check in. My goal is to understand who you are and how I can best serve you in becoming more of who you want to be. Some examples could be getting clear about postural alignment, understanding and shifting your breath patterns, gaining awareness in your meditation practice, creating a more positive inner dialogue or finding practical ways to ease tension and anxiety. These sessions can be completed either in person or at a distance over Zoom.

75 minutes:                      $75

   *package of three:       $205


   **weekly one hour 

      package of four:        $240

Therapeutic Massage:

During a massage session you are undressed to your comfort and under a sheet on the massage table. I use a base oil and various essential oils on your skin as I systematically undrape and massage different areas of your body. While I am working on your physical body, I simultaneously work with your subtle bodies by using techniques such as Reiki and BodyTalk. Sometimes I incorporate sound healing with singing bowls and a tuning fork to balance your body/mind frequencies. I also utilize the effectiveness of massage cups to assist in releasing tension and increasing circulation. Each session is completely unique and intuitively guided based on who you are within each moment. 

***Every session with me is therapeutic and is in complete alignment with the ethical practices of the Virginia Board of Nursing and the National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork.***

one hour:                        $75

 *package of three:       $205


90 minutes:                    $100

  *package of three:      $280


two hour:                         $130

*all packages of three are for clients who want to come at least once per month and therefore expire three months from purchase date*
*gift certificates also expire three months from purchase date*
**weekly one hour yoga session packages  must be used within a month. No transfers.**