Nationally Certified Massage Therapist 2007

Registered Yoga Instructor 2008

Reiki Practitioner 2009

Tri-Yoga Instructor Basics 2010

                             Level One 2011

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner 2012

Advanced Lomi Lomi Training 2013

Massage Cupping Practitioner 2016


I have a very unique style of bodywork that incorporates massage therapy with subtle body energetic techniques.

During each session I utilize all of the knowledge and experience I have gained over my many years of study and practice to co-create a dynamic healing experience with you.


My intention is to facilitate you becoming more of your true Self by assisting you in releasing unnecessary tensions and anxieties in the body/mind and thereby living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Thank you, I look forward to serving you.





***Every session with me is therapeutic and is in complete alignment with the ethical practices of the Virginia Board of Nursing and the National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork.***










- Lowers stress

- Decreases muscle soreness and tension

- Decreases pain and inflammation

- Decreases headaches and migraines

- Decreases insomnia

- Decreases depression and anxiety

- Increases circulation

- Increases health and overall well being

- Brightens mood

- Deepens Spiritual connection

- Re-connects the physical, mental and

   emotional aspects of Self to promote

   healing on all levels

- Reconfigures energetic patterns that no

  longer serve the health of the body



Benefits of

Soul Awakening Body Therapy: